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Nature paper on lithium-sulphur batteries tells only half the story


Chinese researchers explain the loss of sulphur in lithium-sulphur batteries using electron microscopy in a Nature paper. Materials chemistry professor Moniek Tromp is critical.


Pulsating pumping prevents turbulence


For more efficient pumping of fluids, we should take the pulsating heart as an example, Austrian researchers suggest.  

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Inspecting the world’s security


Jim Ottelé (33) flies around the world to check that countries are complying with the ban on chemical weapons.

  • Tomorrow’s medicines

  • Bigger and better screening in Oss

  • Metal-free click chemistry for antibody-drug conjugates

  • ‘The future lies in mRNA’

  • Beyond contraceptives

  • Pharma Future: Therapeutic oligonucleotides

  • Pharma Future: Regenerative medicine

  • Pharma Future: Gene therapy

  • Pharma Future: Nanomedicine

  • ‘We understand what starting pharma companies need’

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Molecular Jellyfish

Molecular jellyfish

Serendipity is a thread running through many extraordinary discoveries in the history of chemistry. These ‘molecular jellyfish’ are no exception.

  • Beyond spreadsheets

  • The FlavourSpec

  • Eliminating contamination during bulk filling

  • Full support with cell line development

  • Global challenges in bulk filling

  • Next steps in automated perfusion

  • Focus on fluid transfer

  • PI for fast and efficient production

  • Advances in customized solutions

  • New solution for dissolved CO2 control