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ERC Proof of Concept grants 2024 announced


For 19 scientists in Belgium and The Netherlands, good news arrived just in time for the summer holidays as they were granted an ERC Proof of Concept grant.

Humins TOC

From black biotar to biopolymer


A biorefinery waste product can be easily processed into functional powders and tough polymers, Leuven researchers show in ChemSusChem.


Compete with yourself, not your peers


Each PhD or postdoc journey is unique and incomparable and it’s important to measure yourself against your past selve, rather than your peers.

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  • Compete with yourself, not your peers

  • Professional development courses during a PhD: smart investment or waste of time?

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  • Creating a healthier academic environment for all

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Klebsiella-01_compress_Kleb_oxytoca_MK01_03 - Kopie

Food fight

Harmful bacteria? Don’t be too quick to judge, because sometimes toxins can also be protective.

Six layers of excitatory neurons colored by depth, klein

Hey Google, what does a brain look like?

A team from Google Research and Harvard University has published the largest ever dataset of neural connections in a fragment of the human brain.

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