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ECB 2024: Plenary speaker Michael Köpke


Looking ahead to ECB 2024, C2W International catches up with plenary speaker Michael Köpke of LanzaTech.  

PFAS filter TOC

PFAS-filtering molecules


An international team has developed a new method for filtering PFOS and PFOA out of water with functionalised ring-shaped molecules.

Graphical Abstract Alanine synthesis

Green alanine with electroflow chemistry


With a combination of flow and electrochemistry, you can synthesise the amino acid alanine in a greener way than by fermentation.

Exploring Academia with Isabelle

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  • Professors in their natural habitat: what a professorship entails

  • What to do after a PhD? Exploring options

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​Sensitive channels

Surprisingly little is known about the molecular basis of our sense of touch. A newly discovered ion channel fills in the picture.


Children’s experiment for adults

It is a popular experiment to introduce children to science: staining a rose with food colouring. An American student did it with fluorescent dye.

  • Engineered sampling systems ensure perfect product protection

  • Developing a fit-for-purpose bioprocess film

  • Pioneering Sensor Technology Helps Solve Biopharma Challenges

  • Cytiva launches first formulation system to enable end-to-end clinical and commercial manufacturing of lipid nanoparticle medicines

  • HOF Freeze-Thaw Unit Pharma – Next Generation

  • Single-Use Technology in Biopharma: Advancing Process Efficiency with Hamilton’s Innovative Range of Single-Use Sensors

  • Increasing process efficiency with X-platform bioreactors by Cytiva

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