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Water oxidation with copper? Follow the rules!


Chemists in Leiden have established a set of guidelines that can lower the oxidation potential of copper-catalysed water oxidation.

Glycosyl intermediates

Hidden intermediates uncovered with NMR


Using specialised NMR methods, you can discover what the reactive intermediates are in reactions of sugar molecules.

Tassos 02

Tassos Perrakis – Proteins for the people


Tassos Perrakis studies the structure of proteins to understand how they interact and how that impacts cancer.

Exploring Academia with Isabelle

  • Getting integrated in the Dutch academic world as a Swiss free electron

  • Creating doors in the digital world

  • A 10-year PhD anniversary

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Picture perfect tubes

Maciej Majdecki won first prize in the ChemistryViews Photo Competition 2023 with this collection of beautifully coloured NMR tubes.

Molecular Jellyfish

Molecular jellyfish

Serendipity is a thread running through many extraordinary discoveries in the history of chemistry. These ‘molecular jellyfish’ are no exception.

  • Engineered sampling systems ensure perfect product protection

  • Developing a fit-for-purpose bioprocess film

  • Pioneering Sensor Technology Helps Solve Biopharma Challenges

  • Cytiva launches first formulation system to enable end-to-end clinical and commercial manufacturing of lipid nanoparticle medicines

  • HOF Freeze-Thaw Unit Pharma – Next Generation

  • Single-Use Technology in Biopharma: Advancing Process Efficiency with Hamilton’s Innovative Range of Single-Use Sensors

  • Increasing process efficiency with X-platform bioreactors by Cytiva

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