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A well-rested mind as fertile ground


In this column, Isabelle Kohler encourages young scientists to set clear boundaries and prioritize their health. 


New KNAW members 2024


The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences has added 17 new members, including three KNCV members.


Improving sustainability starts in your own lab


 In RSC Sustainability, Groningen researchers present the results of their efforts to make labs more sustainable and provide tips for other labs. 

Exploring Academia with Isabelle

  • A well-rested mind as fertile ground

  • Trust the process and embrace the unexpected

  • Is inbox overload the workplace epidemic of the 21st century?

  • Is a PhD solely driven by a passion for research?

  • To be or not to be (a professor)

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Chakrabarti adl0495 image 3

​Sensitive channels

Surprisingly little is known about the molecular basis of our sense of touch. A newly discovered ion channel fills in the picture.


Children’s experiment for adults

It is a popular experiment to introduce children to science: staining a rose with food colouring. An American student did it with fluorescent dye.

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