Designing process equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries is time-consuming and error-prone. Thanks to the new AseptSoft software, process design becomes simple, flexible and much faster. The software digitizes all design steps and makes the work of process designers and engineers as well as constructors much easier.

Process engineers still design the processes mostly by hand. Sometimes because the piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) or even the flow diagrams have been created with different software and involve multiple players such as plant engineers and design managers who do not have common tools or the same software.

A manual design can become a nightmare when, for example, adjustments or changes need to be made, especially in advanced project phases.

It is therefore necessary to go through all process steps again, which increases the error rate and causes exponential delays.

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Simulation of liquid flows in real time

Aseptconn is now putting an end to this inefficient approach. The company has developed software to create design processes easily and digitally with a mouse click and to automatically simulate fluid flows. P&IDs can be drawn and simulated automatically. Aseptsoft is an add-on for Autocad, Comos and Microsoft Visio.

With this intelligent solution you can define processes and phases, the status of valves and instruments, process variables and parameters and automation algorithms. In other words: Aseptsoft, for example, recognizes the condition of components and automatically calculates the fluid paths on this basis. With one click of the mouse, users can see where the liquid flows due to the activated valves and where there are any errors in the system. Depending on the position of the valves, different fluid flow scenarios, for example sterilization, can be displayed in a predefined color and checked in advance. By way of comparison, the first quality check used to take place only after several months. Since changes each have an influence on previous and subsequent process steps, they led to enormous change costs for manual design processes.

Process changes made easy

Aseptsoft now makes it possible to make adjustments and changes at any stage easily and without costly corrections. The software automatically inserts all changes in the existing project in the background, which also updates the fluid stream simulation. This not only provides an overview of the current development status, but also enables a more dynamic and environmentally friendly development process.

Automatic generation of documents

AseptSoft supports developers and engineers in every phase of the project. This includes the creation of technical documentation and the qualification of technical equipment and systems: Automatically generate Functional Specifications (FS) for IQ and OQ. All process data is stored in a user-editable table.

Aseptsoft significantly accelerates design processes. A project with 100 valves and an average number of change processes reduces the working time from five weeks to three hours. This is the result of a study conducted by the manufacturer and a plant engineering company.


Easy installation, customized functions

On request, Aseptconn delivers customized versions with special, adapted functions as well as user and graphical interfaces. This includes modified data or document flows between departments or customer-specific functions for the automatic creation of documentation. You can test Aseptsoft now for free.