Capillary electrophoresis in process analytical technology - Monitoring of biopharmaceutical cultivation processes.


To improve biopharmaceutical upstream process monitoring, an analytical control and sensing platform is being developed for continuous monitoring and automated feedback control of the upstream process. Part of this automated, integrated platform consists of (microchip) capillary electrophoresis methods. This presentation will show the results of capillary electrophoresis methods development for mono- and disaccharides, vitamins, and monoclonal antibody monitoring, and the transfer of one of the methods to microchip electrophoresis.

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Debbie van der Burg

Debbie van der Burg

About the speaker

Debbie van der Burg did her PhD at the TU Braunschweig, performed remotely from Kantisto BV in the Netherlands and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Her PhD research was part of a larger European project called iConsensus, which focused on developing an automated, integrated monitoring platform for the monitoring of upstream biopharmaceutical cell culture processes. Van der Burg developed (microchip) capillary electrophoresis for the monitoring of nutrients and monoclonal antibody concentrations. She recently started as a Life Science consultant at MPYA Sci&Tech in Stockholm.

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