A large group of KNCV, NBV and NVBMB members had their applications accepted. An overview of the awarded projects.  

NWO Open Competition ENW-XS

Among the winning applications of the NWO Open Competition ENW-XS we find

Prof.dr. Clemens Mayer (University of Groningen), member of the KNCV Section MCCB: Nothing lasts forever - Fighting PFAS pollution with engineered enzymes

KNCV member Dr Peter Fodran (University of Groningen): Visible light driven recycling of pharmaceutical building blocks

KNCV member prof.dr.ir. Pascal Jonkheijm (University of Twente): Cell membrane-like nanocoatings for the oxygenation of soft microgels for the production of artificial red blood cells

NVBMB member Dr Pascal Miesen (Radboud University Medical Centre): Receptor capture: identification of viral receptors by chemical crosslinking

KNCV, NBV and NVBMB member prof.dr. Han de Winde (Leiden University): Microbial cell factory for green and sustainable recycling of polyamides and polystyrene


Perspective consortia

The NWO Perspective programme, funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, aims to set up broad research consortia in which universities, polytechnics and companies work together to launch technological innovations that simultaneously address societal problems and create economic opportunities for the Netherlands.

Among the winning applications we find:

FERMI: FErmentations optimised by rational models to improve plant based substrates

Budget (including co-financing): €5.3 million

Project leader: NBV member Dr Herwig Bachmann (VU University Amsterdam)

Consortium partners: TU Delft, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Wageningen University & Research, Arla, Brannatura, Chr. Hansen, Ferrero, FrieslandCampina, IFF, Mediterranean Food Lab, NIZO Food Research, Roquette, Upfield


INDUSTRIOPHILE: Tailored and robust cell factories for the next generation of industrial biotechnology

Budget (including co-financing) 6.9 million euros

Project leader: NBV member prof.dr.ir. Vitor A.P. Martins dos Santos (Wageningen University)

Consortium partners: HAN University of Applied Sciences, University of Groningen, RIVM, TU Delft, University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Wageningen University & Research, ADM GmbH, ALTAR, EV Biotech, Gecco Biotech, Ingenza Ltd, Isobionics (BASF), KraftHeinz, Mitsubishi Chemical UK, NPI, AI4b. io, BiotechAcademyDelft, BiotechBooster, DSMZ, ELIXIR, IBISBA, Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, PlanetB.io, UNLOCK


SusInkCoat: Sustainable inks and coatings: Development of switchable and adaptive functional polymers and additives for low environmental footprint

Budget (including co-financing): €6.1 million

Project leader: KNCV member Prof. Dr. Katja Loos (University of Groningen)

Consortium partners: NHL Stenden Hogeschool, Polymeer Technologie Nederland, University of Groningen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Maastricht University, University of Twente, Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings B.V., Canon Production Printing B.V., Evonik, GFB Europe BV, Polymer Technology Group Eindhoven - PTG/e BV, RUG Ventures, Chemport Europe, Ecoras, Greenwise Campus