Are you eager to learn how chemistry can contribute to a more sustainable future? How chemistry is essential to the energy, resource and material transition? Or how your ideas and creativity can translate to sustainable, safe and circular processes? In the brand new Master Sustainable and Circular Chemistry at Utrecht University you study chemical processes in the broader context of health, environment, and society to create a more sustainable and circular future.

Our society is facing major transitions in energy, resources and materials. These transitions will lead us towards a more sustainable society relying on circular product chains. Next to a strong theoretical and experimental base in chemistry, you will gain hands-on experience with the design of new, safe, and sustainable routes for making (new) chemicals and materials.

“In the past, resources were thought to be abundant, meaning that our material well-being was primarily dependent on our ability to efficiently harvest and transform them. However, we are now confronted with the fact that our planet has finite resources and a limited capacity to absorb our various waste streams. The world has suddenly become much smaller. Therefore, society needs us to incorporate new dimensions in our thinking. Not only do chemicals need tailored properties, but they should be produced, consumed, and disposed of in a sustainable way, with a minimal impact on humans and their environment. Even better, current waste streams may become useful raw materials to in a more and more circular economy.” says our programme director. These transitions cannot be solved by chemists alone.

“One of my motivations for studying chemistry was to be able to contribute to sustainable research” is what we hear a lot from chemistry students and alumni. With this new programme, we aim to train the chemists of the future, who are able to contribute to broader sustainability issues with a strong molecular chemistry basis and a broadened view on the more systemic challenges of sustainability. This highly relevant knowledge and future-proof skillset will allow our students to make an impactful contribution to the transitions towards a more sustainable and circular society. The programme actively prepares you for a research-based career in a multidisciplinary environment, either in academia or industry.

We cater for a tailored and flexible study programme to fit the sustainable chemistry interests of the student. Our courses offer a strong foundation in chemistry, connected to the real world by crossing disciplinary boundaries and including aspects of systems thinking, ‘safe and sustainable-by-design’, environmental science, data analysis, life-cycle analysis, and circularity and sustainability. Our research which is based in the Institute of Sustainable and Circular Chemistry develops new fundamental science, but also has a strong application component based in industrial collaborations.

Find us on the Master Open Day of Utrecht University on 9 February or during the Next Step Master Day on 27 February 2024!

Next Step Master Day

The Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV) and the Landelijk Overleg Biologie Studenten (LOBS) are joining forces to help you prepare for your future. The Next Step Master Day offers a unique opportunity to explore over 65 master programs from all across the Netherlands. Spanning from biology to chemistry, from research to science communication and policy - all in a single afternoon.

Mark your calendar for February 27th, from 15:30 – 20:00h, at Utrecht Science Park.

Beyond the master program market, you can visit a Q&A session featuring graduate students who have undertaken internships abroad.

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