Hyphenation of liquid chromatography with pyrolysis based detection methods for copolymer characterization.


The characterization of chemical heterogeneities over the molar mass distribution of copolymers is challenging but crucial to the development of novel materials. A variety of methods have been developed to study these heterogeneities, mostly relying on the coupling of detectors which offer chemical information on molar mass separations by size-exclusion chromatography (SEC). Pyrolysis-gas chromatography (Py-GC), in theory, features excellent sensitivity and resolution, but has seen little application as a chemical detector in SEC. In this lecture, Wouter Knol talks about the development of an SEC-Py-GC-MS and SEC-Py-FID/MS analysis methods for copolymers, yielding sequence and chemical composition information over the molar mass distribution.

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Wouter Knol

Wouter Knol

About the speaker

Wouter Knol (MSc.), is a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam, performing research on copolymer analysis in the framework of the UNMACTHED project, a collaboration between academia and industry. His work mostly focusses on the sequence determination of copolymers and the development of hyphenated methods for copolymer analysis.


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