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In the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry more and more products are processed within single-use bag systems. Especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, topics as cryogenic storage and transport came up even more. But just as important as storage and transportation is the actual freezing process, in which products are frozen to ultra-low temperatures. The focus for freezing processes is on the one hand on fast and high cooling rates and on the other hand on homogenous and controlled heat transfer into the product. With more than thirty years of experience HOF Sonderanlagenbau is the leading expert in manufacturing of plate Freeze-Thaw Units for single use processes within the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

From the basic concept over the manufacturing to the qualification and after sales

With its own engineering and development departments, HOF support its Customers from the very basic idea and early steps towards the fabrication of the machines until the qualification of each machine at the Customer site. Further with each machine an intensive after sales support is included. The combination of a 24/7 service availability and an own warehouse with more than 65,000 components makes sure that potential downtimes are kept to a minimum and the runtime of the machines is increased to a maximum.

Sustainability is the key

Nowadays, besides the reliability and robustness of the machines and the processes, sustainability is the most dominating item while planning a process machine for ultra-low temperature application. Due to the F-gases regulation within the European Union and other climate protection directives the usage of synthetic refrigerants is either already prohibited or only allowed due to existing, limited extra permissions. Other types of refrigerant are reduced step-by-step in a phase-down scenario in order to keep the main goal of limiting global warming. As a result, synthetic refrigeration solutions are no longer future-proof on the European market.

To face these limitations and regulatory requirements and still provide reliable machineries, HOF has developed alternative refrigeration solutions which are no longer only concepts on a paper, but existing solutions with already proven technologies. Therefore, three alternative refrigeration systems have been developed over the past years. These alternative solutions are either based on liquid nitrogen (LN2), the usage of natural refrigerants (HOF CAR6) or with an air-cooled refrigeration machine (HOF CryoBlizzard). All systems are fulfilling regulatory requirements while keeping the necessary refrigeration capacities to ensure rapid freezing processes.

Freeze-Viewer Professional (FVP) – Process control in every step

The HOF Freeze-Thaw Units are equipped with the unique visualization and control system Freeze-Viewer Professional (FVP). This system complies with FDA requirements according to 21 CFR Part 11. With this software, specially developed by HOF, all process-relevant data, such as batch reports and temperature profiles will be made available for the Customer. Due to the in-house project planning, individual interfaces to Customer systems can be created to allow for a transfer of process relevant data.

HOF Freeze-Thaw Unit

HOF Freeze-Thaw Unit