Selection and use of GPC for screening polymers for pharmaceutical sustained release formulations


Innocore pharmaceuticals is specialized in the development of sustained release formulations for pharmaceutical compounds. These formulations are prepared by encapsulating an active pharmaceutical ingredient, API, into a bio-degradable multi-block co-polymer. The period over which the formulation releases the API, is mainly controlled by the type of this polymer.

The polymers, developed and produced at Innocore, need to be characterized for molecular weight distribution by GPC (gel permeation chromatography). Therefore, a GPC system was purchased, but the initial setup did not meet our expectations.

In this presentation, the route to the final GPC setup and the current use of GPC are outlined and discussed.

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Gert Hendriks

Gert Hendriks

About the speaker

Gert Hendriks is Principal Scientist at InnoCore pharmaceuticals, a company specialized in development of sustained release formulations for pharmaceutical compounds. Hendriks obtained his PhD in analytical chemistry at the RUG in 2009, with a thesis on theoretical models in bio-analytical method development. He worked for almost 25 years as a scientist in a CRO for drug research. Now, he is the principal scientist at the analytical department at Innocore. His main job is to take care of analytical method development and quality control.

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