The Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences (MPS) Master trains you for a career in the design and use of modern medicines. It ranges from basic- to clinical research and prepares you for a career in academia, industry, policy, and business.

Our master covers themes such as basic molecular drug discovery, analysis of drugs and biomarkers, pharmacology, toxicology, biopharmacy, clinical pharmacoepidemiology, post-marketing surveillance, policy and business. Altogether, this two-year Master’s degree program will enable a quick start of a career in the exciting world of modern pharmaceuticals!

Our education program takes place in an interdisciplinary research environment covering all disciplines in medicine and pharmacy. The program is designed for ‘learning by doing’, which creates an open, stimulating and creative environment. The program is built by a few obligatory and elective courses followed by one or two large research projects and/or one internship project. Overall, we aim for a fluent combination of theoretical knowledge, academic skills and professional skills.

You can choose from the following tracks:

  • A pre-clinical track in Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering (PDE)
  • A clinical track in Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics (P&P)
  • A professional track in Science, Business and Policy (SBP)

Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences is a partner in the International Master in Sustainable Drug Discovery.

Our program is open for students with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, chemistry, or a related field.

Find us during the Next Step Master Day on the 27th of February 2024!

Next Step Master Day

The Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV) and the Landelijk Overleg Biologie Studenten (LOBS) are joining forces to help you prepare for your future. The Next Step Master Day offers a unique opportunity to explore over 65 master programs from all across the Netherlands. Spanning from biology to chemistry, from research to science communication and policy - all in a single afternoon.

Mark your calendar for February 27th, from 15:30 – 20:00h, at Utrecht Science Park.

Beyond the master program market, you can visit a Q&A session featuring graduate students who have undertaken internships abroad.

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