A short introduction to Corbion and its polymers.


Corbion is a global company originating from the CSM (Centrale Suiker Maatschappij) which is specialized in the production of lactic acid and the derivatives thereof. An overview of Corbion’s broad polymer portfolio, including poly lactic acid (PLA) and other biodegradable copolymers will be given. A current research topic in the field of polymer analysis at Corbion will be highlighted and discussed.

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Michel van Bruijnsvoort

Michel van Bruijnsvoort

About the speaker

Michel van Bruijnsvoort has obtained his PhD in polymer analysis at the UvA in 2001, with a thesis on asymmetrical flow-field flow fractionation. After a career in bioanalysis (pharma) and food analysis, he is back to his roots in R&D at Corbion. He currently leads a team of 9 analysts, focusing on the characterization of (poly)lactic acid and impurities in Corbion products.

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