Join these five on-demand webinars designed to launch your analytics processes out of the average spreadsheet and in to the quick, dynamic analysis and visualizations tools in JMP! 


Come join these 30-minute sessions designed to accelerate your data journey to better business decisions and results.

Accessing Data

Tired of spending hours manipulating spreadsheets before you even begin your data analysis? During this session you will learn how to easily access data from Excel and ways to get data into JMP to move your data from insight to discovery more efficiently.

Data Preparation

During this session we will identify ways to restructure your data table to get it ready for analysis and show you other time saving tips and tricks!

Data Visualization

A picture (graph) is worth a thousand words. Data visualization and exploratory analysis go hand in hand. During this session we will show you the importance of using appropriate visualizations to share your results.

Basic Analysis and Modeling

Would you ever explore your data while wearing a blindfold? Using spreadsheets to explore and model data can make it impossible to know where to start or to get a quick, complete picture. During this session you will see simple techniques for building models and the enriching insight gained from those models.

Sharing Results

Find out how the story ends… and how to end your own data analysis story. You don’t want to keep all the good stuff to yourself, right? During this session, we will discuss how easy it is to share your results with others, JMP user or not.