Tim Jaarsma is Business Development Manager Life Science & Bioprocessing at IMI Adaptas. At the Single Use Event 2023, Innovation Support and Growth hub – automation and standardization

Tim Jaarsma

Tim Jaarsma

Beeld: IMI

Tim Jaarsma talks about the development of products within the Growth Hub, an innovation platform of IMI in which solutions and/or new products are developed together with the customer based on problems from the market. IMI is an engineering company that focuses on industrial automation, transportation and life sciences. Jaarsma is involved in bioprocessing within the life sciences section.

“By talking to R&D persons from life science companies or via a questionnaire that can be filled in online on our website, we learn about the problems that people encounter”, says Jaarsma. “By collaborating with them on new developments, we help to bring products to the market faster.”

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