Onze evenementen en die van onze partners op een rijtje gezet. Ook in onze agenda? Neem voor de commerciële mogelijkheden contact op met Bas van den Engel. Our events and those of our partners are listed below. Do you want to feature in our calendar? For commercial opportunities, please contact Bas van den Engel.


Next Step Master Day 2024

The Next Step Master Day offers a unique opportunity to explore over 80 master programmes spanning from biology to chemistry, from research to science communication and policy from across the Netherlands - all in a single afternoon.


NCCC XXV: 25th Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference

NCCC attracts about 500 participants, including around 100 scientists from industry. The meeting comprises plenary and keynote lectures by invited speakers, and selected oral papers and posters.


Voeding, geneesmiddelen en vergif: chemie of geloof?

Avondlezing door prof.dr. Aalt Bast georganiseerd door de Haarlemse Chemische Kring


Iron as energy carrier: the iron oxidation/reduction cycle

Evening lecture by Giulia Finotello and Xiaocheng Mi organised by the Rotterdamsche Chemische Kring


Entrepreneurship for Scientists

Lecture in the Kekulé-cyclus


LabAutomation 2024

Laboratorium automatisering helpt jouw laboratorium sneller, efficiënter en nauwkeuriger te werken.


A non-invasive method to determine the inner elemental composition of precious heritage objects

Evening lecture by Dr. Lambert van Eijck organized by the Chemische Kring Midden Nederland


Chemie & Lifescience Carrièrebeurs

Hét carrière event voor studenten, starters & (young) professionals


Development of New Therapies

Lecture in the Kekulé-cyclus


Dutch Symposium on Organic Chemistry 2024

Annual Meeting of the KNCV Division Organic Chemistry


11th Life Science Symposium

Altering Evolution: Taking the future in our own hands