The yearly climate negotiations in Bonn happened in June, highlighting the urgency to meet the climate target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, as outlined in the Paris Agreement. To achieve this goal, a rapid reduction of emissions is imperative. As one of the most carbon-intensive activities, air travel gained much attention for transformation.

Foto Schiphol

France has recently taken a significant step by implementing a ban on short flights. Meanwhile the introduction of more night trains is gaining momentum. However, it is evident that not all flights can be replaced in Europe nor between continents, necessitating a shift towards climate-friendly flights.

Chemists and engineers hold key positions in this transition, both as responsible citizens and professionals. Their efforts encompass not only the development of lighter materials and innovative designs but also the exploration of new engines and fuels. As professionals, they have experienced air travel for international conferences, business engagements and academic exchanges. And as people, they may travel for holidays or visit family or friends.

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