Evening lecture by Giulia Finotello and Xiaocheng Mi organised by the Rotterdamsche Chemische Kring


Dr. G. Finotello 
Prospects and challenges of the iron oxide reduction for the iron fuel cycle
The iron fuel cycle produce solid iron-oxide combustion products that can be easily separated and then be stored for later recycling. Unfortunately, Many current metal production and recycling technologies rely heavily on fossil energy inputs. However, at Eindhoven University of Technology we are exploring two zero-carbon reduction processes: the reduction with hydrogen in fluidized beds and the electrochemical reduction.

Dr. XiaoCheng Mi
Combustion of iron powder: From fundamental to applications
The true reason underlying the energy crisis faced by our society is not the lack of renewables sources, but the mismatch between a continuous energy demand and a geographically scattered and temporally intermittent supply from these sources. To overcome this problem, the scientific community is in search of reliable and efficient energy storage alternatives. Metal-enabled Cycle of Renewable Energy (MeCRE) has been proposed as a solution for sustainable, long-distance transport and long-term storage of clean energy. 

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