For more than 20 years, research on enzymes and bio-mimetic catalysis has been conducted. What is the current status of understanding and can we use artificial intelligence to design synthetic catalyst systems that function by the same principles as native enzymes?


This one day workshop brings together leading experts and early career researchers from chemistry, biology and data science to discuss whether we can use machine learning to unravel open questions with a data-driven approach, learn from native enzyme catalysis and apply this knowledge in the design of novel artificial supramolecular catalysts. The aim is to establish new collaborations between the different disciplines, especially bringing together informatics experts such as data scientists with chemists and biologists. Scientific exchange across the fields will be promoted by individual discussions at the poster session, as well as a round-up panel discussion. To answer the questions raised and a white paper on the outcome of the workshop wil be written.

More information can be found on the website of the workshop.