Tizian Ramspoth is a PhD student in the ARC CBBC PhD Program at the University of Groningen in the group of Professor Harutyunyan, with the focus on catalyst development for crosslinkable coatings.

This video was made in collaboration with ARC CBBC.

What do you research?

’We try to design a catalyst system which can perform the crosslinking process at lower temperatures, so it can be applied to more materials. We want to make it more sustainable by decreasing the energy consumption and by using a sustainable catalyst in itself.’

Why did you choose chemistry?

’I was always interested in chemistry and I was good at it, so that helps. I appreciate that it’s very broad and that there are so many different types of chemistry that share the same core. My master was in medicinal chemistry, but catalysts were always fascinating to me. Different structures give completely different modes of action. We also try bifunctional activation, in which we divide the work among two different catalysts. So they are very versatile. It never gets boring! And I get to work with nice people. We work on ideas together and my colleagues and I are very engaged in the projects.’

What surprised you about the Netherlands?

’Everyone was very friendly and it was easy to move here, since I am from Germany. There is a welcoming atmosphere. Apart from that the cultures are not so different.’