The Netherlands Academy of Engineering presents its first 62 fellows, including three KNCV members and one NBV member.


Beeld: NAE

The Netherlands Academy of Engineering (NAE) brings together top experts in technological sciences and applied research. They work in knowledge institutions and industry and are committed to technological innovation as a means of addressing societal challenges. This week, the NAE named its first 62 Fellows. These Fellows represent the very best of Dutch engineering and are committed to achieving societal impact through the NAE. Among the new Fellows are three KNCV members: Benno van Dongen (Roland Berger), Floris Rutjes (Radboud University) and Vinod Subramaniam (University of Twente), who is also a member of the NVBMB. NBV member René Wijffels (Wageningen University & Research) has also been appointed a Fellow.

The other fellows include another 20 chemists, life scientists and chemical engineers: Maurice Aalders (Amsterdam UMC), Frank Baaijens (TU Eindhoven), Cees Buisman (Wageningen University & Research), Elia Dormisano (Maastricht University), Inez de Greef (Treeway), Erik Heeres (University of Groningen), Paulien Herder (TU Delft), Margrethe Jonkman (VU Amsterdam), Rene Kuijten (EQT Group), Mark van Loosdrecht (TU Delft), Arjan Mol (TU Delft), Willem Mulder (Radboud UMC / TU Eindhoven), Albert Polman (AMOLF), Andrea Ramirez (TU Delft), Hans Schikan (Pharvaris), Kirsten Steinbusch (Dab. bio), Jolanda de Vries (Radboud UMC), Marco Waas (Nobian), Hans van der Weijde (Tata Steel Netherlands) and Jan van de Winkel (Genmab).