The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded 218 scientists with an ERC Advanced Grant. These personal grants, aimed to stimulate daring, curiosity-driven research, amount to €2,5 million. Taken together, this generates a total investment of €544 million for exploring ambitious scientific ideas. Several members of the Dutch and Flemish chemistry and life sciences communities are among the lucky few.  

KNCV- and NVBMB member Luc Brunsveld, professor of chemical biology at Eindhoven University of Technology, is awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for his proposal ‘PPI-glue: Stabilization of protein-protein interactions; transforming molecular glue discovery from art into science’. 

Koen Binnemans, professor of metallurgical chemistry at KU Leuven succeeded in securing his second ERC Advanced Grant. An exceptional achievement. Binnemans is awarded the grant for his proposal ‘CIRMET - Circular hydrometallurgy for energy-transition metals’.  

Other laureates with a connection to chemistry, life sciences, materials, chemical engineering: 

Nico Callewaert (VIB): GlycoCar - Targeting of glycosylation pathways to empower CAR-T therapy of solid tumors 

Alexander Dömling (University of Groningen): AMADEUS - Automated, miniaturized and accelerated drug discovery 

Detlef Lohse (University of Twente): MultiMelt - Melting and dissolution across scales in multicomponent systems  

Huibert Mansvelder (VU Amsterdam): FASTHUMANNEURON - A novel theory of human cortical microcircuit function: Dedicated neuronal networks for fast cellular and synaptic computation 

An Martel (Ghent University): GLOSSI - Targeting skin glycosylation patterns to protect threatened salamanders from disease driven extinction 

Thomas Pardoen (Catholic University of Louvain): HAPI - Ultimate fracture toughness through thickness engineering 

Robert Passier (University of Twente): HEART2BEAT - Advanced human models of the heart to understand cardiovascular disease 

The complete list of awarded proposals is available here.