A team from Google Research and Harvard University has published the largest ever dataset of neural connections in a fragment of the human brain.

After nearly ten years of collaboration, Google Research and the lab of Jeff Lichtman (Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard) have created the largest synaptic-resolution 3D reconstruction of a piece of human brain to date. The piece is only 1 mm3, but it contains 57,000 cells, 230 millimetres of blood vessels and 150 million synapses. That is a whopping 1,400 terabytes of data. This image is a combination of Lichtman’s electron microscopy images and AI algorithms that add colour and reconstruct the complex wiring. It shows six layers of excitatory neurons, colour-coded according to depth.

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Six layers of excitatory neurons colored by depth, klein

Six layers of excitatory neurons colored by depth

Beeld: Google Research and Lichtman Lab