Ukrainian companies RGC and Gals Agro have reached an agreement with Dutch company STX to facilitate the sale of biomethane.

RGC, Ukraine’s largest gas distributor, will soon inject the first quantities of biogas into the gas grid, reports ICIS. The gas will then be distributed by STX Commodities, a Dutch commodity trader. RGC will help connect Gals Agro to the gas grid in the Chernihiv region, becoming the first biomethane plant in the country to sell biomethane to Europe in this way. Everyone who purchases their biogas will receive a document confirming that the gas does indeed come from Ukraine.

The plant should supply some three million cubic metres of biomethane before the end of the year. But RGC is already connecting a second biomethane plant. Other potential plants could supply nearly 10 million cubic metres of gas, RGC expects. Ukraine does a lot of agriculture and partly because of this, the country could theoretically pump some eight billion cubic metres of biogas into the European grid by 2050.

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