Many products have a protective coating. Monique Wekking and her colleagues at Relement develop environmentally friendly coatings made from plant-based materials instead of fossil fuels.

This video was made in cooperation with Startup Stage of ChemistryNL.

More about Relement

Relement is a spin-off of Biorizon, a programme of TNO Sustainable Chemical Industry. Relement converts biomass residues into high-quality chemical ingredients; bio-aromatics. Aromatics are essential raw materials for coatings, adhesives, insulation foam and other high-performance applications. They are important chemical building blocks, which are needed today and in the future. 40% of all chemical building blocks are aromatics and today aromatics can only be produced from fossil raw materials and are not sustainable.

Relement aims to replace the current fossil aromatics with special bio-aromatics. These special bio-aromates are not only much more durable, but also of better quality: for example, paint becomes more resistant to sunlight and insulation foam becomes stronger. Relement is a company for the development, production and marketing of bio-aromatics.