• gpc-sec

    GPC/SEC: Multi-detectie analyse voor polymeer en eiwiteigenschappen

    2021-06-22T05:50:00+01:00 Sponsored by Sysmex Netherlands & Belgium

    Jeroen en Kars vertellen in deze video over de verschillende mogelijkheden voor GPC/SEC.

  • WatsonMarlow_EB

    Focus on fluid transfer

    2021-06-15T20:19:00+01:00Gesponsord door

    New transfer tubing from BioPure provides reliable fluid transfer solution for biopharmaceutical applications

  • Sartorius2

    PI for fast and efficient production

    2021-06-15T20:08:00+01:00Gesponsord door

    Sartorius Stedim combines its products with a high level of customization. “We can now use statistics for advanced process tuning”

  • Schermafbeelding 2021-06-15 om 21.39.03

    Advances in customized solutions

    2021-06-15T19:50:00+01:00Gesponsord door

    Parker provides upstream, harvesting and downstream bioprocessing solutions. “We like to keep our customers’ nervousness factor as low as possible”

  • Hamilton

    New solution for dissolved CO2 control

    2021-06-15T19:22:00+01:00Gesponsord door

    Automated, real-time control of dissolved CO2 has been an elusive feature in biopharma. Now Hamilton promises to simplify in-line measurement of dCO2 with its new solid-state ‘CO2NTROL’-sensor. Hamilton integrated several key features into a bioprocess-compliant 12 mm sensor

  • VCA

    De voordelen van een VCA-diploma

    2021-04-15T06:25:00+01:00 Sponsored by VCA Nederland

    Een VCA-cursus en het bijbehorende certificaat bieden bedrijven in (petro)chemische sectoren tal van voordelen. In dit artikel kom je te weten wat deze voordelen precies inhouden.

  • Cytiva

    Rapid, high-productivity purification of adeno-associated virus

    2021-04-15T06:17:00+01:00Gesponsord door

    Cytiva’s Fibro technology, known for its increased throughput and productivity in monoclonal antibody purification, is being extended to capture adeno-associated virus (AAV).


    Nieuwe Data Writer printer van Metter Toledo

    2020-11-11T06:53:00+00:00 Sponsored by METTER TOLEDO

    Profiteer nu van 50% korting bij METTER TOLEDO op de nieuwe Data Writer printer.

  • Parker

    Forward planning in single-use production

    2020-10-27T16:48:00+00:00Gesponsord door

    Aiming to stay ahead of the demand for single-use products, Parker recently increased its existing cleanroom capacity. Combined with the company’s proactive stock policy, this extra capacity is proving useful in the context of COVID-19.

  • Hamilton

    Full process control through integrated PAT

    2020-10-27T16:44:00+00:00Gesponsord door

    Hamilton’s Arc Air interface enables GMP workflows, with its single-use intelligent sensors combined with the latest generation of process analytical technology (PAT).

  • Cytiva

    The gains of automated perfusion

    2020-10-27T16:38:00+00:00Gesponsord door

    Cytiva has introduced an innovation that supports the biotech industry’s move to continuous manufacturing. Called the Xcellerex Automated Perfusion System (APS), it simplifies processes and reduces risk when intensifying upstream operations.

  • Gilson tube filling

    Customisable, low-cost automated tube filling system

    2020-10-21T16:35:00+01:00 Gilson

    Gilson has developed a compact, low-cost tube filling system that has the flexibility to fill bottles, tubes, vials, or microplates quickly. With the current pandemic, there is an exponential demand for diagnostic testing of patients for COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

  • Gilson

    Up To 30% Off Select Pipettes For All New Gilson.com Customers

    2020-10-07T16:27:00+01:00 Gilson

    For a limited time, all new customers on Gilson.com receive up to 30% off select PIPETMAN air-displacement pipettes by creating an account and shopping online.

  • Veilig chemisch afval verzamelen

    Veilig chemisch afval verzamelen

    2020-09-15T16:24:00+01:00 In samenwerking met onze partner Denios

    “Blootstelling aan gevaarlijke dampen wordt optimaal gereduceerd door VARIO-Flow techniek”

  • Customizable solutions

    Customizable solutions

    2020-07-31T15:03:00+01:00Gesponsord door

    ‘Puresu customised assemblies offer a unique range of benefits to customers with different bioprocessing needs’

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